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Would you like to help improve your health and the health of our community?

Medical Professionals
  1. Join the NEF-CTaTS Consortium if you are a medical professional and want to help.
  2. Understand why people in our community are hesitant to participate in research and share what you learn with us.
  3. Talk to others about clinical trials.
  1. Talk to your doctor if you would like to participate in a clinic trial.
  2. Contact the NEF-CTaT Consortium for more information about clinical trials and translational science.
  3. Join the NEF-CTaTS Consortium as an outreach volunteer to help us change perceptions and engage more people in our community in medical research.
  4. Join our community activities and events to stay active and learn more.

Together, let’s improve our health.

Join our NEF-CTaTS community.